For the past 7 years I worked as a web marketing manager at a non-for-profit institution, Golden Gate University, in downtown San Francisco. As a member of a small marketing team where each member had a specialized role, I often collaborated with other team members as we developed and implemented concepts, new content and branding, and marketing campaigns. My experience in content writing and editing as well as graphic design allowed me to support other members of the team when the need arose, too. 

My role encompassed a variety of responsibilities, starting with ongoing site maintenance and content updates and working closely with  departments across the university to keep their content up-to-date as well as the IT department’s backend team. When working with various departments, I spent much time creating and developing new content and pages, creating special pages and mini sites for institutions, publications and events, and sometimes completely reconstructed the web pages of departments that went through significant changes. I also often partnered with external vendors, agencies and consultants as specific projects and campaigns required such cooperation. 

2016 – 2023


During my seven-year period at Golden Gate university I planned, managed and executed several major website overhauls which included several redesigns of the main university’s site and the Law School‘s standalone site, replacing of all the code templates used in the site with new ones and implementing an overhauled and significantly different information architecture, which I also helped researched and devise. During some of the main projects I led a team of student assistants who helped with the massive amounts of changes that had to be made to the website.  Another important part of my role was producing and analyzing the site’s analytics and providing reports and recommendations for web improvements and marketing campaigns to the relevant stakeholders.  Other responsibilities I held included maintaining and improving the site’s accessibility, training student assistants as well as people in all departments on how to use the website and contribute edits, editing long-form pieces written by staff writers to the university’s blog, coding new features for the website as needed, and collaborating with the recruitment team to improve the funnel for information requests. All in all, no two days were ever entirely the same and there were always new challenges to tackle. 

2009 – 2016


I’ve always been invested in education and I also worked in the field prior to my time at Golden Gate University, mostly with the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, but also with a variety of other places such as Shu Ren, a Bay Area bilingual K12 school and the academic publication, the Grounded Theory Review. It was the interest in education and non-profits that eventually led me to take a full-time position at Golden Gate University, which specializes in adult education. 

As an independent web consultant I was privileged enough to work in other areas I’m passionate about, especially arts and literature. Many of my clients were from the creative fields, and I helped artists, filmmakers, writers and small publishing houses with their web presence, marketing packages and social media.


Education Websites I worked on:

  • At Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
    • Institue for Business Innovation
    • Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation
    • Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship
    • Institute for Business & Social Impact
    • Global Social Venture Competition
    • Haas@Work
  • Collegiate Directions
  • UC Berkeley Center of Aging
  • VisMedia (Bergen University, Norway)
  • Grounded Theory Review
  • Shu Ren


Designed and developed sites for:

  • Santa Fe Writers Project
  • Alan Squire Publishing
  • Ray Robertson
  • Alan Cheuse
  • April L. Ford
  • Andrew Gifford
  • Simon Freulund
  • Richard Currey
  • Pagan Kennedy


I worked with many San Francisco Bay Area local businesses over the years, including:

  • SF Space Advocate (design and development blog for TRI Commercial Real Estate Services
  • Citizen’s Band Restaurant (development and website management)
  • Boot and Shoe Service (development and website management)
  • Hillside Church events venue (design, development and website management)
  • UVA Enoteca (development and website management)
  • All American Lock and Key (design and development)
  • Pinkie’s Bakery (development and website management)
  • United California Glass and Door (design and development)
  • Pacific Door and Closer (design and development)
  • Hertz Environmental


Websites / promotional kits for filmmakers, documentary films and media projects:

  • City of Borders by Yun Suh (also served as a Hebrew-to-English translator for the film)
  • Bread and Butter Films
  • Across the King’s River
  • The Center for Investigative Reporting
  • Michael Montgomery
  • Ethnomedia
  • Pizzo by Carola Mamberto
  • Haiku Films
  • Molly Snyder-Fink
  • As Fast as She Can by Molly Snyder-Fink
  • Arresting Ana by Lucie Schwartz
  • Mabel Valdiviezo
  • After the Gold Rush radio project