What I Do.

When people ask me what I do, I usually say that I’m “web everything”, and that’s pretty accurate: with almost two decades of experience in the field, I’ve worked as a web designer, developer, producer and consultant. All projects and long-term positions I worked in required a combination of skills and abilities. I code entire sites, pages and features as needed, sometimes based on my own designs and sometimes developing and implementing designs made by other graphic design professionals. 

Having been a print journalist for many years as well as a television news producer, I have a deep understanding of storytelling and crafting presentations intended for a wide variety of audiences. I also worked on occasion as a photographer, which paired with my experience in television and graphic design adds strong visual skills and creativity to the other two main elements of website creation: code and content. 

Web Development

  • Cross-browser compliant coding
  • Responsive and accessible websites
  • eCommerce integration
  • MySQL / database management
  • Converting designs into functional and fully coded websites

Web / Project Management

  • Outlining goals, budget & timetables
  • Planning and managing projects from start to finish
  • Site maintenance and support
  • Training sessions and user guides
  • Managing web teams

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Social media, Kickstarter and online fundraising campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages, A/B testing and SEO
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Content Specialist

  • Crafting content ideas tailored to specific target audiences
  • Information architecture
  • Creating multimedia assets
  • Writing, editing and proofreading content

Web & Graphic Design

  • UI/UX design,
  • Wireframes and layered PSDs for conversion
  • Branding
  • Graphics for web and print
  • Photo editing and web optimization

WordPress Expert

  • WordPress setup and customization
  • Developing themes and child themes
  • Modifying and implementing themes, plugins, tools and widgets
  • Taxonomy & custom post types
  • WordPress multisite development

Working as an independent web consultant for almost a decade prior to my last long-term position allowed me the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of people from many different industries both in the Bay Area and across the USA. I worked, among others, with schools, law firms, medical clinics, bakeries, restaurants, filmmakers, and publishers. Each of those projects and collaborations allowed me to grow my knowledge and find ways to apply my skills and experience even within industries I was previously unfamiliar with.  

During my seven-year period at Golden Gate university I planned, managed and executed several major website overhauls which included several redesigns of the main university’s site and the Law School‘s standalone site, replacing of all the code templates used in the site with new ones and implementing an overhauled and significantly different information architecture, which I also helped researched and devise. During some of the main projects I led a team of student assistants who helped with the massive amounts of changes that had to be made to the website.  Another important part of my role was producing and analyzing the site’s analytics and providing reports and recommendations for web improvements and marketing campaigns to the relevant stakeholders.  Other responsibilities I held included maintaining and improving the site’s accessibility, training student assistants as well as people in all departments on how to use the website and contribute edits, editing long-form pieces written by staff writers to the university’s blog, coding new features for the website as needed, and collaborating with the recruitment team to improve the funnel for information requests. All in all, no two days were ever entirely the same and there were always new challenges to tackle.